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noel fisher, zach rance, and twenty one pilots are literally life.

i’m surprised there isn’t a gifset of all the time’s zach’s hat has fallen off during zankie moments bc it isn’t a zankie moment w/o zach’s hat falling off



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got my oreos and ice cream hell fuck yeah

got my oreos and ice cream hell fuck yeah

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Spot the idiots


Spot the idiots

zankody. 😭👏

zankody. 😭👏

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apparently it’s a song.


you guys zach won’t take frankie to germany bc frankie never fulfilled their deal of getting zach to final 3

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recent frankie favorites that should keep zankie stans at ease

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List of Caleb’s “Achievements”:

  • Won a state-wide poetry contest by writing a poem about the Holocaust. He got to read it in front of a senator.
  • Has been offered roles in pornography, and has turned it down.
  • Has been offered a job as a Chippendale’s dancer, but turned it down.
  • He was almost a finalist on NBC’s The Voice.
  • He did 3 or 4 (it varies on who he’s telling) years of active combat duty.
  • At community college, he studied “law” but decided to switch to “medicine”.
  • He crashed a party with his friend, and were allowed to stay because they were mistaken for male strippers.
  • He’s a professional dog groomer.
  • He’s a personal trainer with dozens of under-the-table clients.
  • He’s a dietician and a nutritionist.
  • He’s a fully trained scuba diver.
  • He speaks Spanish fluently.
  • He was the only white guy on his high school basketball team.
  • He lived in the largest house in his county, which included 9 bedrooms, multiple horse stables and movie theaters.
  • His family was so poor after his parent’s divorced, he had to sing and play guitar on the street corner to collect change for food.
  • Posed for Sports Illustrated, with nothing but a fireman’s helmet covering his “junk”.
  • Dances the salsa so hot that “you’ll have to call the fire department”.
  • Killed a pig by hitting it repeatedly with a stick, and posted the video to YouTube.
  • Posed for Wilhelmina Models.
  • DIDN’T pose for Wilhelmina Models, because he’d rather go into acting.
  • His dad was in Special Forces in the army.
  • Rescued baby squirrels “from their nest”, but later killed a “garbage bag filled with squirrels” all at once.
  • Record holding football player at his high school, getting five interception in one game.
  • Former professional bodybuilder who had 225 pounds of bulk.
  • He’s a professional juggler.
  • He’s a skilled gymnast who can do a one handed cartwheel.
  • All of his jeans cost $200 per pair.
  • He and his group of friends are so scary, they clear out a bar when they enter.
  • He dated a “billboard model”.
  • He’s never been arrested, because he’s always outran the cops.
  • He’s never been bitten by a mosquito.
  • He’s a professional horse whisperer.
  • He was a paramedic.
  • He was a medic in the army.
  • He made the finals for casting for both Survivor and The Amazing Race.
  • He was supposed to record a country album but “decided not to”.
  • He can drink 30 Bud Lights without getting drunk.
  • He “popped a wheelie” on a motorcycle going faster than 100mph.
  • His brother is YouTube famous for delivering inspirational sermons.
  • He broke both his legs/ankles when he was 4 years old and the doctor’s said he would be paralyzed for life, but a mysterious African man walked into the hospital without a visitor’s pass while his parents were at McDonalds. The African man grabbed Caleb by the ankles and left without a word, completely healing Caleb.
  • Works at Lowe’s because he got “bored” being a personal trainer.
  • His father had a construction company so large, he had 1000 employees and built 30 houses a day, made $50,000 an hour, and built a 20 acre home for himself.
  • He has psychic precognition, that has allowed him to accurately predict which players would be participating in the Veto Competition before they were picked.
  • Can complete the cinnamon challenge without flinching or wincing.
  • Went to the mall with his mom, and got in a fight with a man because the man’s “pants were sagging so low, it was indecent exposure”.
  • Creator of the “Not Of This World” clothing line.
  • Fasted for 21 days eating only crackers and water.
  • He’s a professional hair stylist who knows all the necessary “formulas and volumes”.
  • Tore his hamstring, and couldn’t walk for 5 months.
  • He was a prison guard for 6 months and tazered an inmate who was incarcerated for “not paying his child support”.
  • He was a professional bull rider “in high school”.
  • He can roll a dollar bill so tightly, he can push it through a potato.
  • Was offered a walk-on role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, where he would be paid more than $1,000,000 to say one line in a scene with Johnny Depp.
  • His family was hired by the TruTV network for a hunting/bounty hunting-related reality show, but they dropped it. It was picked up by the Discovery Channel, who bought 5 seasons, but they also dropped it.
  • "Almost" did The Bachelor.
  • He has never died in a dream.
  • He has never been punched in the face.
  • He will always win a wrestling match if he listens to Eye of the Tiger beforehand.
  • He’s a great breakdancer.
  • He’s such a good snowboarder that he was already “grinding the rails” after his 4th day of snowboarding.
  • He’s never played soccer before, but knows he’d be good at it.
  • He went to West Point Military Academy for 2 years, and then dropped out.
  • Famous tattoo artist Oliver Peck is doing his next tattoo.
  • Claims to have written a song actually written by a contestant on The Voice.
  • The Indianapolis Colts were “looking at him” before he entered the house.
  • "Almost went pro" at swing dancing and now gives lessons.

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zach & frankie -  are we out of the woods yet?

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that’s it. that’s the whole show